May Box | 2017

We were so excited to send our first subscription box focused solely on ONE room of the house – the kitchen! Typically, our boxes consist of items you can use anywhere in your home, but we heard you loud and clear that our “homies” wanted some kitchen love! And we totally delivered. Our kitchens are the Grand Central Station of our lives – making lunches, listening to stories of the day, prepping gorgeous meals for our most memorable dinner parties – the kitchen is the hub of the home. Below are some gorgeous ideas for styling your new SHB goodies from our May photo shoot. We would love to see how you’ve incorporated your new items in your homes! Tag us on Instagram @styledhome_box or #styledhomebox

Luxe Box:


Classic Box:



Misti, Melanie, & Kate


February Box | 2017

Happy 2017!
We are fresh off of our trip to the 2017 home market and are so excited to tell you about the hottest new trends in home décor. Our job is to sift through the 12 million square feet of home accents and decide on the items that we feel give your home an
updated, yet timeless look. This year is all about nature. Bringing the outdoors in, updating your exteriors, using natural woods and heavy, cozy texture. This
spring we are saying goodbye to the winter blues and saying hello to green!

We hope you love your orchid – we have been patiently waiting to send this to you for an entire year, however, all designers want this specific item for their clients and it’s a long wait to get the perfect floral. So – here you go! It’s the closest to real you
will find.

We wish you simplistic beauty this New Year!


Misti, Melanie,& Kate

Basic Beauties

We are so thrilled to have you on our blog, as one of our “homies” and so proud that you have placed your home decor needs in our hands! Only beautiful things will happen now!

In our experience as designers of beautiful spaces, we’ve found a common thread among clients: everyone loves a well-polished, professionally-styled home, but not everyone knows how to purchase and style accessories to get that look. That’s where your new SHB besties will save your day!

We shop, group, and style accessories that will be beautiful in any home: modern, farmhouse, industrial, traditional…you name it. We choose items that are classic but on trend, neutral but statement makers. Then we send them to your door and give you tips on what to do with them! Isn’t this magical?! We think so too.

Thank you again for joining our SHB family! We would love nothing more than to get your feedback – the more we know about what you love, the happier we can make you with the items we choose in each box!

Enjoy the gorgeous inspiration below! These beauties went out in our first box of 2016 and we love how versatile each item is around your home.

Kate, Melanie & Misti

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Custom Botanical, Large Lidded Glass Pedestal, Moss Ball, Moroccan Quartz Geode, Linen Wrapped Book

Combine our linen wrapped book with a c0uple beauties of your own to create a perfect pedestal for your custom botanical or your Moroccan quartz geode. This gorgeous master bedside table, property of one of our fantastic subscribers, is just so fresh and dreamy – we absolutely love it.

See that lidded jar? That was in the box too! We LOVE changing out the filler each month for a fresh spin on a classic look! Stay tuned for a blog post on the countless uses for your lidded jars.

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Custom Botanical, Linen Wrapped Books, Moroccan Quartz Geode

Another example of a bedside setup. This one in a guest room, perfectly ready for guests!

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Reclaimed Wood Tray, Custom Botanical

Is it just us or is styling that area on your vanity always so challenging?! Our reclaimed wood tray is so welcoming when combined with crisp white towels and our custom botanical.

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Small Lidded Pedestal, Golden Feathers, Moss Ball, Linen Wrapped Book

Pair some simple candlesticks with our small lidded jar and linen wrapped book for a perfect side table addition in any living space.

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Moroccan Quartz Geode, Large Lidded Glass Pedestal

Here, our lidded jar and Morrocan quartz geode are the perfect compliment to a preserved boxwood in this dreamy white kitchen!

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Reclaimed Wood Tray, Moroccan Quartz Geode, Large Lidded Glass Pedestal, Golden Feathers, Custom Botanical, Linen Wrapped Books

Hellloooo beautiful! These are the entire contents of our very first Luxe box mailed out in 2016. I mean, how easy is this?! Open the box, put everything on your entry table, done!

Let us know what you did with your StyledHome Box contents! We would love to see how beautiful they make your space.

The Professionally Styled Home

We’ve all had our hair styled and even our clothes styled for a special occasion….but our homes?! What does it mean to “Style” a home or business?

Professional styling or staging of a home is the process of taking new or existing décor and accent items and rearranging them to look polished and thoughtfully placed. Imagine walking into a model home or a tour of homes and thinking “woah, my house never looks this put together!” Good news friends…. It can!


The first step? Take it all away! Grab a couple of boxes or laundry baskets and start gathering all of the “knick knacks” sitting around your house.

*Disclaimer….this could be an emotional process and make you feel all weird inside! Trust us – this is necessary, and we won’t make you throw the whole box away! We want to edit your décor down to the items that display your personality and passions and make your space feel like home.

Once you have cleared all of your horizontal surfaces of their items -think mantle, side tables, bookshelves, coffee table- give everything a good cleaning. After all, a clean house is a pretty house!


Next, dedicate some time to really go through these items and make some piles:

  1. Items you love and still want to display
  2. Items you love but may not necessarily need to be on display – this is why we have attics and Rubbermaid containers!
  3. Items to giveaway or donate
  4. Items to sell in a garage sale or online sale site

Groups 2, 3 and 4 can immediately go to the garage or another room to keep from distracting you from the task at hand!

Now we’re left with group 1 – items you love and still want to display. Take a good look at these and decide:

  1. Does anything need to be repaired or repainted? Sometimes a fresh coat of spray-paint will take an old finial or basket and make it look like a million bucks!
  2. Does anything need to be updated? Frames are an inexpensive item to change out and keep your home looking fresh. Choosing frames in the same color palette like the collection below from Pottery Barn helps make the photos the focus!

  3. Can anything be grouped by color or finish? Monotone groupings are SO CHIC and an instant way to bring the “professionally styled” look to your home. Remember those items that need to be repainted? Consider painting them all the same color to create a monotone grouping! Glass groupings can also be beautiful on a kitchen hutch or mantle.

    We love this monotone bookshelf styling from

    Sala de estar dentro da tendência off white também pode sim! Pode e fica lindo, não? Nós adoramos esse ambiente ;):

    How GORGEOUS is this monotone room! sigh… happy feels…

  4. What is missing from the group to really bring your home up to date? Seasonal blankets, throws and baskets are a quick way to keep your home looking current and polished.

  5. What’s left? Personal collections can be a fun way to show your style personality. Take your son’s rock collection and put it in a metallic terrarium or under a domed cloche! We’ve included some of our favorite display solutions below…they’re so dreamy.


Metal and Glass Display Case Collection
Metal and Glass Display Case


Now the fun part! On your freshly cleaned surfaces, slowly and methodically start placing your items back throughout your home. Remember – less is more! Try to always pair a taller item with a few smaller items and mix materials as well to add visual interest. Sometimes on a larger surface, items need a “home” to ground them– whether it be a tray or a small stack or books or pretty magazines.


April Luxe Box

Remember that you may not get it right on the first try, but don’t be discouraged. Check out our social media pages for inspiration on placing your items throughout your home! At StyledHome Box, we often rearrange our décor monthly…It’s kind of an addiction.

We will be publishing a series of posts over the next few weeks to continue to help you with the process of freshening up your space, just in time for spring!

Intimidated by the overwhelming options for home décor out there? Let us do the work and try out our monthly or quarterly subscription boxes! We will send you gorgeous items to help polish your home along with styling tips and photos like those above to show you how to make them fit perfectly in your space!

xo, Kate, Melanie & Misti


The Botanical Master



If you received one of our first shipments, you now have your very own, coveted, custom botanical art courtesy of Shane Friesenhahn with The Botanical Mix. Shane works exclusively with the design industry to create fresh botanicals, freeze dried elements and permanent designs for both residential and commercial spaces. Every year at market, designers line up at his gallery waiting for him to unveil his stunning designs for the season and we were right there with them this year!

At StyledHome Box, our goal is to enhance every room of your home with warm neutrals, crisp whites and gorgeous green elements found in nature. Shane shared this vision when creating our botanicals for our first box. We are so excited to have had the opportunity to partner with him and look forward to more luxe arrangements from Shane in the future!

If you didn’t receive a box, check out more of his custom work below. Want to talk with Shane about custom permanent design in your home? Contact us at

Hello from the SHB Gals!


As designers and lovers of beautiful spaces, our family, friends and clients are constantly asking us to help them restyle their existing rooms or come up with completely new plans and ideas. We noticed a trend: everyone is great at picking out large scale furniture that fits into their style profile, but choosing and styling the accessories really stumps them! Well chosen accessories are the icing on the cake. And who wants cake without icing?! We started StyledHome Box with the mission to put the finishing touches on your home.

We can’t wait to share our passion for beautiful spaces and accent accessories with you! You can subscribe to our monthly home decor accessories box, or simply browse our blog to find ideas that inspire you and make your home a more unique, elegant place.

Visit us at to see how simple it is to turn your home into a gorgeous showpiece, one box at at time!


Kate, Melanie and Misti